Monday, February 20, 2012

the fire that burns the tyre...

why do bathrooms have mirrors and that too life sized ones.... why you ask and there you get the answer. To flaunt those flush board abs, that bulging and well curved biceps and those rock solid herculean shoulders. that rock solid chest swells with pride on seeing this epitome of human brilliance and after this five minutes of your fairy tale dream your eyes open. dragging yourself out of the bed with utmost reluctance added by the sight of dull, gloomy and cold weather, the only thing you want to do is to hide back into that blanket, but life doesn't let you do that.

In you walk into the bathroom with a beard that irritates, a double chin and those bags of fat all over your body. Your eyes guy directly go to that part of your body (lets not get dirty here..) I am talking about those sets of Tyres. some say it is prosperity, some say beer belly  but eventually it is perhaps that part of your body you cannot hide. The mirror looks back at you with disgust and then it hits you, this is it !!!!!!! its time to hit that sole place on earth where you pay to inflict torture upon yourself, THE GYM.

so after buying a pair of new shoes, gym apparel and blowing off those valuable dollars, you hit the gym. little do you know that this place is filled with people for whom the word fat doesn't exist. entering the gym, you see hundreds of machines, people running, cycling and some lifting as much as twice their body weight without dropping a sweat. fighting those jitters, you enter and and climb on to the treadmill.

embarrassment is writ all over your face when you fiddle with the millions of buttons on the treadmill but all you want to do is make it start. finally it starts and you keep the speed to a poultry three. Ahh!!! comfortable you think and increase the speed up by two notches. a slight glance on the left and you see a female running at three times the speed. male ego kicks in and there you go. 30 seconds down and you feel your lungs are going to come out of your mouth, dinosaurs dancing before your eyes and just before darkness steps in, you press stop.PHEW!!!  what a workout.

Next we move to the bicycle. strategically you choose the one with the back rest. 10 mins of cycling with minimal to slight stress and you feel energized. lets do some weights you say. and then you head to that precariously dangerous place. a huge mirror welcomes you and your 200 pound self. In front of the mirror are dumbbells ranging from 5 pounds and beyond. you take a calculative risk of picking a 20 pound weight comparing it to the gas cylinder that you helped you mom pick up. 5 reps of the dumbbell and you start to turn slightly pink. 10 reps and you turn red and see nerves popping out of your neck. the dumbbells crash down onto the floor and you take in truck loads of air. a slight glance to your left and there stands a girl who may be one thirds of your weight but is easily lifting twice the weight you were. that red face of yours is now red because of embarrassment.

pushing yourself to do more exercises, you finally decide to call it a day. before that you look at that tummy and decide to do some ab crunches( wrong choice I must say..!!!). 3 crunches and the stomach feels as if it will explode from the inside. And there ends the first day of workout. instead of feeling energized you feel extra tired and feel double the amount of hunger (trouble I must say...!!!). This time when you head home and take that shirt off, you try to convince yourself that with just one day, the effects are seen, and you are beginning to deflate one of those tyres.

that mirror which you see into every day convinces you to head to the gym and when that slice of pizza calls out to you with lust, you say NO. There you realize that you have found that fire which will eventually burn those layers of tyres.

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