Thursday, May 26, 2011

the world's grown out of the snake charmers....

lord Shiva played his drums and the sound which it made led to the invention of the language sanskrit. this was told to me 2 months ago in a land which is millions of miles away from India, in north east U.S, bordering Canada by an 18 year old part american part Argentian red head. That says something about the global village we live in. but thats not the point, the fact is that we are a land not in Asia (according to people in america) and the global hub of outsourcing.
The reason I mentioned the red head is not because shes hot...which she is but she knows things about India which I bet majority of educated Indians wouldn't know. the 10 minute conversation that I had with her was an amazing lesson in how we are a land so complex that the girls sister has spent a whole summer out of the  10 years in India just to understand the harmony between cows and cars on a crowded Indian road. the things I will speak about now are a compilation of things which have happened and which speak a lot about the global impression of India. The world looks at us with so much respect almost bordering at fear. fear that we will take their jobs and rule the world in the next 20 years.
one of my friends from a south american nation told me with apparent disappointment and envy  that people in most parts of the world cannot think of their family beyond two generations and their grandfathers migration from a European country, while in India each household has a mythological story to tell. the conversation led to another important discussion, that of India not being high on the science and technology research list even though India spoke about nuclear arms and technology during 'Mahabhartha' itself and believe me when I say this, the person who told all this to me hasn't even been to India. Another such moment of surprise was when a guy from New York was up at 2 in the morning to watch the cricket world cup final, supporting both India and Sri Lanka because he learnt the drums from Sri Lanka and the Tabla from Lucknow.
A late friend of mine recited this Latin phrase 'ad astra per aspara' meaning rough roads lead to the stars. and many years later this phrase was interpreted by my boss at work (who is american) from the Bhagwad Gita saying that milk lasts without getting spoilt  for 2 hours, the same milk made as curd lasts for 2 days, the curd made into butter lasts for a week and the butter made as 'ghee' lasts a lifetime.